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Arnhem Business School Helpdesk for Questions about SPSS and Statistics

For a number of years Jos Seegers, the creator of this site, and Gé Groenewegen have been answering SPSS related questions from students working on research projects, placements and graduation theses. This site shows examples of how to work with SPSS and is intended to provide answers to a number of frequently asked questions. However, this website is not a complete SPSS tutorial.

The examples can be found in the sections Analysis and Graphs. Topics that are directly related to codebook design and the SPSS Variable View are collected under the heading Codebook.

Apart from questions about SPSS, students often ask us about marketing research, in particular about confidence levels, margin of error, sample size and whether a sample is representative for a population. For definitions and general theory regarding these concepts please consult the literature or the links. But this site does contain a section Methods and in it items about how to calculate the number of respondents needed and about the basics of testing. It also has contains some remarks regarding the design of tables and of graphs.

At Arnhem Business School we use IBM SPSS Statistics 20 during the college year 2012/2013. Hence that is the version we use on this site as well.
At ABS we have changed some of the default settings of SPSS. What these changes are is explained under the heading settings. If you want to copy our examples on your own computer, it is advisable to copy these settings first.

In case of any questions you can use the question form.
Alternatively you can email your question directly to Gé Groenewegen or to Jos Seegers. Their email addresses can be found in the school agenda.

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