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Settings and installation

Using IBM SPSS Statistics 20 at home

If you want to use SPSS 20 at home, you will have to buy a copy of the program. For students and staff from HAN University there is a special arrangement organized by the Surf Foundation. This institution negotiates on behalf of all Dutch higher education institutions with software manufacturers.
Using your HAN account you can log on to www.surfspot.nl and buy your own copy for home use (as long you remain a student or staff member of HAN). Surf will provide both the 32-bits and 64-bits versions of the program.

Please do read the installation specifications of the school computers at ABS below.

Conditions for using of SPSS at home

  • You are allowed to install SPSS Statistics 20 twice with the Authorization Code that comes with the program. So either you install it on two different computers or you install it on one computer and keep the option of reinstalling it at a later date.
  • The Authorization Code is valid for a minimum of 11 months and a maximum of one year. That is because the Authorization Code remains valid until the 1st day of the month of delivery in the next year. For example, if SPSS Statistics 20 is delivered to you on 17 December 2012 the Authorization Code is valid until the first of December 2013.


Installation on the school computers at ABS

The installation of SPSS uses the default settings of the program. It implies that all procedures are ticked except for the Syntax Guide.

We have made a few modifications after installation of the program.
You can make these modifications through Edit > Options (see the picture below).

edit options When you click on "Options" a dialog box with numerous tabs opens.

In the tab "General" we have changed the way in which variables are displayed in lists. We have chosen for displaying the variable names instead of the variable labels.

In the tab "Data" we have chosen as the default setting for new numeric variables to have 0 decimal places.

In the tab "Charts" we deselected the frame and the gridline boxes.

Of course you can choose all settings for SPSS at your own discretion on your computer. But if you want your results to match what happens on the school computers, you will have to use the settings as described here.

options window general

defalut format number variables

edit options chart tab


Last modified 30-10-2012

Jos Seegers, 2009; English version by Gé Groenewegen.