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Data Editing (Transform Menu)

By means of Transform you are able to edit and manipulate your data before you start analyzing them. On this site we discuss the commands from the Transform menu that are used most commonly. We explain why and how to use them.
If you are curious about the other menu options please consult the SPSS Help.

The Transform menu offers the following commands.


On our site we discuss the following commands:

  • Compute (creating a new variable by means of a computation)
  • Count (counting how often a respondent has given certain answers)
  • Recode  (creating/changing a variable by regrouping values)
  • Automatic Recode (automatically creating a numeric variable based on a string variable)
  • Visual Binning (recoding a variable through a menu structure; a clever tool)
  • Rank Cases (creating a ranking for cases)

For the other commands, please consult the SPSS help.

Last modified 30-10-2012

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